Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at yellow@hello.com

Things to Know

Raw prints are unfinished and unassembled. Minimal post-processing is done by Popped Printing outside of the removal of support material that was required for the printing process.

The raw prints will require sanding and prep work before paint to look more like the real thing. Layer lines and other imperfections such as from supports, under-extrusion, or over-extrusion may be present.

Raw prints do not helmet padding, chin straps, visors, or other secondary accessories included. These items will need to have those items sourced by the recipient. However, you can choose the "Kit" option at the time of purchase and all additional items will be included. Raw prints and Raw Kits can generally be ready for shipping in 3-7 days. 

Finished/Display prints will be prints completed to most resemble the show, movie, game they originate from as or as shown in the pictures. Please note, all items are hand painted. Some variation because of this is to be expected.

Helmets that require a visor or chin strap will have those items installed and helmet padding will be included in the packaging for you to customize the fit to your preferences. Each print is hand painted. Variations in paint/weathering can vary slightly from photos. If you are wanting a custom painted print, feel free to message us at support@poppedprinting, on Facebook, or Instagram to discuss options. 

We are capable of printing many different things in many different materials. We can print your 3D models. If there is something you would like made for you, please feel free to "Request a Custom Order" on our store page. Alternatively, you may message us through Etsy, Facebook, or Instagram to discuss our capabilities.

If you already have the .obj or .stl file that you need printed, we will quote our print service pricing and give you an timeline estimate for the job. If you do not already have the object file, we can discuss options that will fit your needs. 

Our wearable cosplay items, such as helmets, have had their sizing standardized with most having a "kit" version that includes helmet padding for further size customization.

Small is sized for a max hat size of 7.
Medium is sized for a max hat size of 7.5.
Large is sized for a max hat size of 8.

In most cases, a medium is the proper size for the average person.

However, if you would like to ensure a good fit, we can further customize the size to your specifications. For helmets, we require a measurement of your head width, from the tip of your ear to the tip of your other ear or your head circumference. For other objects, such as Sylvie Crown, a measurement from temple to temple. Message us and we will walk you through the measurement process.

All of our items are made to order. That means we will begin printing it after you order, so we can ensure it is to your specifications.

Time is determined by the current print queue and the item you order. Small items can usually be manufactured within 1-3 days. Larger items, like helmets can be approximately 3-7 days for raw prints. Depending on finishing requirements and size for cosplay items, it can generally require 3-6 weeks to complete.

While we aim to get items to you quickly, delays do occur due to varying circumstances such as supplier delays or printer failures. On large orders, we will do our best to update you periodically on the status of your order. 

For items that come as raw prints, and a specific color option was not available, we will manufacture the item with the materials in stock at the time. While we generally print in gray, due to fluctuations on available materials, we may not have any in stock. Example: You purchase a raw helmet kit. Due to current shortages, available materials are blue. Then your helmet will be blue. 

Yes, we are happy to ship internationally. International customers are responsible for all VAT, customs fees, shipping costs, and such. Please note: shipping times can be long due to numerous circumstances. If you wish to pay for expedited shipping, please let us know.