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This is a President Loki crown that has been 3D printed. The band is printed in PLA and horns have been resin printed.

Crowns come in 3 styles:
1) Raw DIY - Unpainted and unassembled
2) Primed - Smoothed and primed, ready for whatever paint you choose.
3) Finished - Fully painted, ready to wear

For an in-depth description of each option, please visit our FAQ.

While we generally are able to deliver our crowns within 2 weeks, depending on the version ordered, we have the following rough delivery times depending on order volume and potential unavoidable delays:
Raw prints can usually be ready to ship within 1-3 days.
Primed prints can usually be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.
Finished can potentially take up to 4 weeks.

If you are needing a crown by a specific time, please feel free to message us to discuss expedited options.

If you are wanting a custom-painted crown, feel free to message us here at Etsy, on Facebook, or Instagram (@poppedprinting) to discuss options.

Crowns come in standard sizes of small (hat size 7), medium (hat size 7.5), or large (hat size 8). Medium is the right size for the average person. Please specify the size wanted. The crown in the picture is a Medium. Since we make the crowns when you order, if you would like to order a custom size, please message us when you order.

Crown is designed to be worn using elastic, prosthesis/costume adhesive, or clear hair combs to keep in place, based on your need. Included with each crown is a 3/4"/19.05mm elastic band and some glue for you to customize the fit to your size if you chose to wear it with the elastic band.

President Loki's crown model has been designed by Marko Makaj/Mystery Maker. For more information on the designer, please visit his Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/mysterymakers.

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