The Armorer's Hammer Prop

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This is a 3D-printed, full-sized, Armorer Hammer inspired by The Mandalorian.

The hammer comes unassembled and unpainted.

With the Raw DIY print options, the hammer will require sanding and prep work for a smooth surface. Seem lines from assembly, layer lines, and other imperfections such as from supports, under-extrusion, or over-extrusion may be present. Please note: while we generally try to print hammers in gray, white, or black, it will ultimately be printed with what materials we have available. If you are wanting a raw hammer in a specific color, please let us know.

Due to the time constraints, we produce a very limited quantity of finished hammers. We do not generally finish hammerss to keep in stock, only as ordered. Finished hammers cost $90 and can take 6-8 weeks to complete. Custom paint options are available and usually have no additional charge. So if you are interested in a finished mask, please feel free to message us.
Hammer measures 22"/55.9cm in length. The handle is two-part and finished hammers will come with a wooden dowel installed for strength and rigidity.

For an in-depth description of each option, please visit our FAQ.

We generally are able to deliver orders in 1-2 weeks, depending on the version ordered.

If you are needing a hammer by a specific time, please feel free to message us to discuss expedited options.

Our Armorer Hammer model has been designed by Marko Makaj/Mystery Maker. For more information on the designer, please visit his Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/mysterymakers.

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