Wall-mountable Hockey Stick Rack for 10 Sticks

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This is a 3D-printed wall-mountable hockey stick rack. The stick rack can hold up to ten (10) hockey sticks. Holds the stick vertically and close to the wall to keep them organized and out of the way! No more tripping over sticks that have fallen over.

We have redesigned our stick rack to be stronger than ever before! The internal structure is now one solid piece.

You can mount the stick rack with #8 screws or Command strips, both mounting options are included in the box.

The hockey stick rack can come in a variety of colors. Gray and red are shown.

We keep a stock of black and gray stick holders on hand as they have been our most popular colors. Depending on when your order is placed, it can be shipped the same or the next day. For other colors, the stick rack can usually be shipped within 2-3 days. Not seeing a color that you would like? Message us and see if we can make the stick rack in the color you would like.

Designed by Popped Printing and printed in PLA+.

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